Transport and Logistics

Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Logistics


Candidate of Economic Sciences, (PhD)

Sarimsaqov Doniyor Homidovich

Phone: +998990053256 



About the faculty

    In order to train highly qualified specialists for the first enterprise of the automotive industry of the country "GM - Uzbekistan" and machine-building enterprises producing its components and to turn Andijan region into an industrial zone, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ensuring the implementation of the decision No. PP 1533 "On measures to strengthen the material and technical base and radically improve the quality of training of highly qualified specialists" and strengthening and modernization of the material and technical base of the institute, equipping them with modern educational and scientific laboratory equipment Higher education required by machine-building enterprises on the basis of alternating directions and specialties of training highly qualified personnel, raising the educational process to a qualitatively new level by improving educational standards, introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies and forms of teaching Andijan Mechanical Engineering Institute was transformed into the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in accordance with the approved new organizational structure of the institute for the 2013/2014 academic year and the order of the rector of the institute dated February 1, 2014 No 45-k in order to radically improve the quality of training. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established on the basis of the former Faculty of Engineering.

     The departments of the faculty have established cooperation, including the University of Bermingham in the UK, Kurgan State University in Russia, the Transport Institute of the Tyumen Oil and Gas University, the Belarusian State Transport University in Gomel, Belarus, the Gomel Metallopolymer Systems Mechanics Research Institute and the Andijan Region 5 Manufacturing enterprises equipped with modern technologies (GM-Uzbekistan JSC, Uz-SaeMuyng, Uz-Kodji, Uz-AutoAustem, Uz-Koram, Uz-SaeMuyng joint ventures) .



  • To train students in the relevant fields of study and specialties in accordance with the National Program of Personnel Training, to ensure that the educational process is integrated and coordinated.
  • Organize the educational process and graduate work and internships of students.
  • Independent work of students, as well as the organization of assessment of their knowledge on the basis of a rating system.
  • Training, advanced training and retraining of scientific and pedagogical staff, as well as coordination of research work of departments.

    In order to expand and strengthen the integration of education, science and industry, to organize in cooperation with foreign educational institutions on the basis of agreements concluded by the departments in the prescribed manner at large engineering enterprises and institutions.



  • Search for and work with talented students of the faculty, to organize their participation in the competition for the state scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, named scholarships, "Talent" funds, as well as Olympiads in science.
  • Systematic organization of scientific and creative activities of students at the faculty, identification of talented students and their involvement in research.
  • Carrying out research work individually and collectively, creating the necessary organizational, methodological and logistical conditions for scientific and creative activities.
  • Coordinating the work of faculty to improve the skills of professors and teachers.
  • Introduce new pedagogical technologies and organize seminars to discuss the reports of teachers who have improved their skills.
  • Assist in the preparation of textbooks, teaching and methodological manuals on the disciplines of the departments of the faculty, including in collaboration with foreign scholars.
  • Expanding the database of information resources, which is one of the main factors influencing the quality of training in the education system.
  • Develop priority research for education development.

Areas of study at the faculty:


5310600 - "Vehicle Engineering" (by type)

5640200 - "Occupational safety and health"

5620100 - "Transport logistics" (by mode of transport)

5620400 - "Traffic management"

5620600 - "Car service"

5310600 - "Ground transport systems and their operation" (road transport)

5610100 - "Services" (road transport)

5620100 - “Transportation organization and transport logistics” (automobile transport)

5640100 - "Safety of life"

5111000 - "Vocational training" (5310600 - Ground transport systems and their operation (tractors and agricultural machinery))