Life safety



Associate Professor of Technical Sciences: Kobulova Nilufar Jalilovna

Tel: +998 97 972 11 71 +998 90 546 08 21


History of the department

In accordance with the order of the rector of the Andijan Institute of Mechanical Engineering dated July 25, 2019, No. 255, the department of "Safety of life activities" was separated from the department of "Technological machines and equipment" (mechanical engineering and metalworking). NJ Kobulova has been appointed the head of the department at HFX.

Currently, the department has 10 professors and teachers. There are 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 3 senior teachers, 3 assistants.

The department prepares staff for the following 2 bachelor's and master's degrees:

5640100-Life activity safety;
5640200-Occupational safety and health;
5A640101- Occupational safety, safety of production and technological processes (in industry).


The structure of the department

Kobulova Nilufar Jalilovna - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.
Rakhimov Alisher Yusupjanovich - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Abdurahmonov Abdurashid Atakhanovich - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.
Kochkarova Chulpanoy Khabibullaevna - Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor
Kholmatov Misliddin Mukhammatovich - Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences (PhD), Senior Lecturer
Khodjakulov Mukhtorjon Nazarkulovich is a senior teacher
Kadyrov Hamidullo Madaminjonovich - senior teacher
Tursunov Hamdam - assistant
Jumanova Maxsuda Sattarovna - assistant
Jalilov Ahmadbek Ikromjon ogli - assistant
Yulchiyev Davronbek Rustamjon oglu is the head of the cabinet
Urinova Sadoqatoy - laboratory assistant
Foziljonova Oqibatoy - laboratory assistant


Scientific activity of the department

       At present, the scientific potential of the department is 50%, which is 10% more than last year.

       03.00.10- Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) in Ecology are being prepared. In addition, 2 independent researchers are engaged in research work on the training of scientific and pedagogical staff.



Priorities of research activities of the department:

Carrying out research in the field of safe recycling of industrial waste and the introduction of non-waste technology in industrial enterprises.
Carrying out research in the field of improving the environment and the production of quality environmentally friendly products, the development of environmental standards for enterprises.
Conduct research to prepare the population to act in emergency situations and in the field of civil protection.
       According to Annex 2 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 78-F of March 2, 2021 "Plan of scientific and scientific-technical measures of the republic in 2021" on June 11-12, 2021 in Andijan Institute of Mechanical Engineering "ECOLOGY AND SAFETY AND SOLUTIONS ”Republican scientific-practical conference was held.



Scientific and practical projects

1) F3-202002082-AndMI. Development of technologies for safe processing of sludge waste of automobile enterprises;

2) Cultivation of okra-rare plant gin on the basis of innovative technologies, its deep processing, organization of production of ecologically pure biologically active additives;

3) Organization of primary planting of newly created local varieties of sweet potatoes and introduction of innovative technology of its processing.



Achievements of the department

The department has a basic doctorate 03.00.10 - "Ecology". During 2020-2022, 3 basic doctoral students and 1 doctor of science were defended. 03.00.10 Two doctoral students of the Basic Doctorate (PhD) "Ecology" defended their dissertations.

      In the last three years, professors and teachers of the department have published 2 textbooks, 1 manual, 3 monographs, 2 patents, 2 certificates of authorship for software. Professors and teachers have published 40 international articles, 33 Republican scientific journals and 35 Republican scientific conferences.

       At the expense of grants of foreign research centers and orders of foreign scientific funds by professors and teachers of the department - $ 27,022, from scientific (scientific and creative) research conducted on the basis of orders of departments - $ 67 million. soums were earned.

      The department has established cooperation with 3 foreign universities, including the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Siberian Federal University, Bishkek State Technical University, Osh Technological University. Work is underway.

      In the 2021-2022 academic year, the department established a scientific center "EKOHFX" and a biotechnological laboratory "Invitro". 230 mln for Invitro scientific laboratory sum and 265 million for the Gazochromotograph laboratory. UZS worth of equipment was brought and installed.